mardi 15 novembre 2016

Quick Overview - Mauritius- Paypal on MCB (New MCB Juice Feature)


Paypal and MCB : A Brief History

We have been using paypal to buy from ebay amongst other sites for quite a long time. For those who were, we were making use of our credit cards! MCB did not support paypal before.

So we were forced to link our credit cards to our PayPal account, so for each transaction, our credit card would be charged a particular amount.

1. MCB Juice : What's new then?

MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) now natively supports PayPal.

2. MCB + Juice + Paypal 

- No more credit card needed. 
We don't need credit cards now to use paypal. So you can throw it away (provided you were using it only for paypal!)

3. Getting Started

Paypal MCB Juice Mauritius

Well, you can do everything directly from your MCB account now (already seeing some SBM customers rushing to MCB just for that feature)

All you need now is:
1. An MCB account (Savings or whatever)
2. A Juice account - for making transactions
3. A PayPal account - to be linked to your mcb account

3. Benefits of using your MCB account from PayPal 

- Credit card rate: 

No more of that per annum rate to pay pay for the credit card (think it was 2.5%) and whatever credit card fees do not apply

- Expenses:

 You can now instantly see how much has been deducted from the card for refilling your account (Normally credit cards doesn't give immediate bank balance updates, your balance and bank statement is updated every 3 days)

- Paypal Balance:

Paypal MCB Juice Mauritius
You now have a paypal balance (It used to be zero all the time and piss me off) - it's cleaner now i guess :)

- Withdrawal and Selling on PayPal : 

You can now withdraw money from your paypal account directly to your MCB account and start using the money right away! You can become a seller on ebay, sell things and receive money on your account directly.

4. The fine print

- Top Up and Send money to another Paypal user - Charges - 2% of transaction amount

- Withdraw funds from paypal to MCB bank account - Charges - 1.5% (minimum amount Rs.100)
Thats like Rs.1.50 for each Rs.100 you withdraw

5. Already have a PayPal account ? Link it with MCB Juice !

Paypal MCB Juice Mauritius

Just link your account to PayPal via the MCB juice application and start spending like crazy (I'm sorry, start buying stuff) 

6. Don't have PayPal account? 

Better yet!
MCB offers a $5 free opening balance for each new paypal account. So you're in luck!

Create your Paypal account via MCB juice application on android or IOS.

7. Don't have MCB juice?

Download it from the Play store (Android) or Apple Store (IOS/Iphone).

That's all folks!
Enjoy PayPal native support in Mauritius! (Long overdue)

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