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Creating MCB Juice account without User ID

MCB Juice Application 

MCB Juice User ID

The MCB Juice application can be downloaded from 

1. The Google Play Store  (If using an android smartphone) OR
MCB Juice User ID
2. The Apple App Store (If using an iphone)
MCB Juice User ID

You can find it by typing "Juicebymcb" or "mcb juice"

MCB Juice User ID

MCB Juice user ID is the identifier that MCB provided you when you created your MCB online banking account.

If you have the User ID (6-digits) and password that you got from them, then you can sign in from the MCB juice application directly.

If like me you lost your User ID or forgot your password. Then you can create your MCB Juice account by using your Debit Card or Credit Card account details.

MCB Juice Registration 

Just follow our guide to get your MCB Juice account up and running in less than 5 minutes.
You will need:

1. Your smartphone (of course ! :) )
2. The MCB Juice application installed on your smartphone.
3. Your Credit or Debit Card at hand
4. Your NID (National Identity Card) at hand

Step 1: Open the MCB Juice application

MCB Juice User ID
You should see this screen
Proceed to tapping on the "Create Juice Account button"

Step 2: Create MCB Juice Account

MCB Juice User ID
Select either via Debit Card Details or via Credit card Details.

Your Debit Card is just the standard card that MCB provides to deposit and get cash from the ATM.

Your Credit Card, is uh! well your credit card that you are paying additional yearly fees for.

Both methods are basically the SAME.

Step 3: Via Debit/Credit card details

MCB Juice User ID
1. Card Number : the 16-digit numbers that are on your card.

2. Expiry Date: EXP END: On your card

3. PIN: Your secret PIN code that you use everyday to get cash from ATMs. (Note: This is not the same as the mPIN)

4. NIC/Passport: Your NIC Card number (14 -Characters). 
This is usually 1 Letter followed by 13 digits. 

5. After entering everything. Just proceed and tap on the register button!

Step 4: Register MCB Juice Account

MCB Juice User ID

Almost done ! This is the Welcome Screen of MCB.

Proceed on tapping on "Continue"

Step 5: Confirm Mobile Number

MCB Juice User ID

1. The application should have automatically captured your mobile number.

2. If it did not, type it manually. 
Don't forget the 5 ! (Doesn't need to contain +230)

3. Tap on "Confirm" after you finished

Step 6: MCB Juice Activation

MCB Juice User ID
This part will prompt the MCB SMS server to send you an SMS containing a code.

I have SMS previewing, so i can drop down find the code without leaving the MCB Juice application.

If it's not the case, simply open your newly received SMS and then switch back to the MCB Juice application to enter the 6-Digit code.

Finally, Tap on Continue.

If you were too slow to enter, you can still "Resend Code" to get another SMS.

Step 7: Enter your mPIN and Confirm your mPIN

MCB Juice User ID
You will then be asked to enter your mPIN.

The mPIN is a 4 digit number that you can choose to do ALL transactions on the MCB Juice Application.

Step 8: You're DONE!

MCB Juice User ID

I created this guide as people asked me this question.
I hope this will help a lot more people ! :)

For an overview of Paypal in Mauritius, click on this link
MCB Juice hotline: 2025010
Email: juice@mcb.mu

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